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Collage Ideas to Inspire

Whether on a snowy or rainy day, during a school break, or when the desire to do something crafty strikes, a collage is an ideal project when needing something to keep you or the kids occupied. For the most part, making a collage is more a matter of experimenting with different mediums, colors, and images than following step-by-step directions. However, sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us started. These 10 ideas—for both big and little hands—are great starting points to spark those creative juices.

You will find the more you play around with making collages, the more ideas you will get. There is no right or wrong way to make a collage—in fact, one of the nice things about this art form is that if you don’t like the way something looks, you can simply glue another item on top of it. Collages are very forgiving!

Pick-a-Color Collage

You can use your favorite color as inspiration to make a collage. Monochromatic won’t be boring when you select images, papers, and objects all in the same hue—it will have a cohesive feel to it, featuring different shades and textures of your chosen color.

Start out by making a collage using just one color and then try making one using two colors. If you’re stumped, choose your school colors or the colors your favourite sports team. You can also look at the color wheel to see which colors are complementary.

Photo Collage

Photo collages may remind us of our high school days, but with the convenience of cell phone cameras we have a lot more pictures to choose from—and the quality has gotten pretty good! Pick favourite photos of friends and family and make one huge collage. Or make several little collages, one for each person.

And the photos don’t have to only be of people—you can also create a collage using scenic pics from a vacation, your favourite sunset shots, or interesting buildings you captured on your last trip to the city.

Favourite Things Collage

If you want to make a collage but you’re not sure what theme to use, consider making something that is related to something you love. Whether a sport, food, music, or flowers, use photos, pictures cut from magazines, or images from the web to create this passion project.

Four Seasons Collage

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—do you have a favorite or like them all equally? A collage featuring images from one season or all four can be a joy to put together, and may remind you of a warmer time during those cold months! Page through magazines and catalogs, flip through photographs and even find objects in nature to complete your collage.

Favourite Places Collage

Perhaps it’s a family vacation, a childhood trip, your honeymoon, or even a destination you are dying to visit—what better way to enjoy it (other than actually going there) than creating a collage featuring pictures, postcards, and other items related to your favourite place. You will always have a reminder of that special place—or the motivation to make the trip!

Alphabet Soup Collage

For something a bit whimsical, or as a learning tool for your kids, this alphabet soup collage is fun to put together and enjoyable for the whole family. You can make this collage using real noodles or alphabet cereal, or you can use letters cut out of magazines and catalogs.

Pizza Collage

This collage is just plain fun—well, maybe not plain with all those toppings! A great project to get the kids involved, all you need is a paper bag and scraps of colored paper to make this tasty-looking collage.

Leaf Collage Picture

The changing leaves in their vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and red are fleeting, but you can preserve the beauty with an autumn-themed collage. Use leaves that you collect when you go out for a walk or wander through your backyard.

3-Dimensional Numbers Collage

While most collages are made using flat items, this one is made using items with some texture. Look around the house for objects such as buttons, dried pasta, pom-poms, shells, and rocks, as well as foam numbers if you have them. This is a great learning tool for young kids as they can run their hands over the different items and count them.

Alphabet Collage Book

Whether an alphabet learning tool or a way for your kids to spell out their names, this alphabet collage book is a fun project for the whole family. Each page features a large letter which is then filled in with pictures of items that start with that letter. See how creative everyone can be!


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